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Monday, September 17, 2012

Personal Update

This post was originally part of my development blog, and has since been moved.

I'm at a point with Auto Respond that I just want to keep going, and keep the momentum moving.

Unfortunately, I have had some things happening in my personal life over the past few months which make this a little harder. I am in the middle of switching from one prescription medication to another. Both of these medications have a side-effect of "may cause drowsiness". In my case, that "drowsiness" is the main side-effect that I see from both medications. On Friday, I started on my full dosage of the new medication, and I am still at a full dosage of my previous medication. So right now, I do not always have energy. Saturday, I slept almost all day. Today, I had to go to work, but I have been half asleep all day.

The result of this is that I may not be programming for the next few days, even though I REALLY want to. I am excited to get some new things built into Auto Respond, but I have no energy to do so. I tend to get energy bursts late at night, so if this happens I may get a few hours of work done in the next couple days.

With the last couple dosage increases I have returned to "normal" energy after about a week, so hopefully I will be back to "normal" by the end of this week and can make some progress on Saturday. (I don't program much on Sunday... it's football day. American football, for those of you from outside the U.S.)

The basic purpose of this post is to give you a SMALL insight into what is going on with me personally and to let you know that even though I posted some work the other day, that work may not be completed for quite some time. I apologize if I got you excited for the new version just to tell you that it will likely be delayed, but at least you know what to look forward to in the coming weeks. :-)

EDIT: If you want to know more details about the situation, check out my Twitter and Google Plus feeds. Information about this specific scenario will have started on or after July 3rd, 2012.
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