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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Phantom Seizures

I think I've been having more and more "phantom seizures" as I will call them.

The other night I was at my computer and was just fine, then I could faintly feel a seizure. Parts of the right side of my body were twitching. Not enough for anything to really move, more like just the muscles themselves slightly tweaking out. After a couple minutes, my shoulder was sore, right under the shoulder blade - and by that I don't mean lower down my back from the shoulder blade, I mean below the skin is the shoulder blade, below that is muscles. That muscle hurts. And it has before, seemingly for no reason, but now I'm understanding why.

At the hockey game tonight, about halfway through, my right knee started bothering me. Again, I didn't really feel any physical symptoms. No part of my body was actually moving, but I knew something must have been happening because it suddenly hurt. I payed attention to my body a bit, and could slightly feel the feeling in my head that I get before/during/after a seizure. Then later, after the game my, shoulder started hurting again. Now my arm hurts, mostly around my elbow. So basically it's enough to make me sore, but not enough to notice what's going on.

As I've stated before, this makes a lot of sense because this kind of thing happened a lot when I was younger; I would hurt for no reason. I went to the doctor multiple times as a kid for my right knee, and they couldn't tell me that anything was wrong. Over the past few years (maybe the past 5-10 years) my shoulder would randomly get this pain, but not as often as my knee. I'd go to do something with my arm and I'd feel this sudden intense pain, right where I feel it now. Sometimes it hurt enough that it took a while to get my arm back to a neutral position. The pain would go away within a day or so at most, but it still sucked. The question now is - how often do these really happen? Obviously more often than I realize.

I wish I could do something, anything, to make this pain go away. Being sore 24/7 is getting really annoying. I guess it's time to get a protein shake before going to bed.

NOTE: this was written about midnight, so I waited until morning to post it so that people would see it.

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