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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tattoo - Epilepsy Foundation Logo


As some of you know, I'm getting a new tattoo of the Epilepsy Foundation flame logo wrapped around the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda series. This is an image that I put together quickly from images that I found online.

To me is symbolizes cutting through epilepsy, but the flame (the Epilepsy Foundation) is also giving me strength by forging the sword.

The sword design that I picked is from the Skyward Sword game, which is the first in the Zelda timeline. It's not just the first game currently in the timeline, it is the first possible appearance of the Master Sword in the timeline. In the game you forge the sword from the flames of the goddesses, which is why I see the flame as part of that forging process.

I'm supposed to get the final drawing from the tattoo artist today (3/25/15) and start the first session of the tattoo on Friday (3/27)
I will update this post with pictures at each step.

Update 3.26.15 - Drawing from the artist

Update 3.27.15

It took 3 hours, but it's done and it looks amazing

Step 1 - Outline

Step 2 - First Coloring

Step 3 - And Final Product - Sword Detail

Update 4.24.15 - 4 weeks later

There are a few spots that scabbed pretty badly and are still healing. Therefore, those spots are a little fainter than the rest, but they should look fine soon. If not, I can always get it touched up slightly. 
Also, the lighting and the angle are different than the original pictures. so some things are a little different in real life than how it looks in the picture (though,it definitely isn't as bright as it was on day one, especially the green, but that is to be expected.) 
This picture was me taking a picture of my own leg in a computer lab at work, and the others were the artist taking the picture in the studio. I found that it's kinda tough to get a good picture of the back of your own leg.

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